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Cream Honey With Propolis - 230 Gram

Cream Honey With Propolis - 230 Gram

Cream Honey And Propolis Mix

  • This product is a mix of 97 % Honey and 3 % Propolis
  • Cream Honey is the crystallization of filtered honey, in a fluid state, under controlled conditions.
  • There is no difference in terms of nutritional values from fluid filter honey.
  • Propolis consists of herbal flavonoids, anthoxidants, biologically active substances and terpenes.
  • Delicious flower honey produced by our beekeepers located in Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia regions, suitable for cream honey, in special high plateaus.
  • Spreadable honey obtained by adding a certain amount of crystallization-initiating honey without any treatment.

How To Use?

  • Take it at the same extent 20 minutes before breakfast and in the evening.
  • It is recommended that children canuse 1 teaspoon and adults can use 2 teaspoons.
  • Use it regularly and consume it in 15-20 days.
  • Store in its own packaging at room temperature in winter (18-22 ° C) and in the refrigerator (+ 4 ° C) in summer.

Energy and Nutritional Values in 100 gram 


304 kcal






82.3 g

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