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Turmeric Extract - 50 ml

Turmeric Extract - 50 ml

Turmeric Extract - Curcuma Longa 

  • In South Asia; It is a perennial plant that grows naturally in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia, and is widely cultured in many tropical regions.
  • It can be used daily one drop with water or direct without water
  • Please store in a cool pleace

10 Facts About Turmeric

  1. Relieves Inflammation,
  2. Regulates Skin Health
  3. Regulates Blood Sugar
  4. Has Anti-Cancer Properties
  5. Improves Mental Health
  6. Prevents Blood Clots
  7. Relieves Joint Pain
  8. Balances Cholesterol
  9. Helps Detoxification
  10. Increases Brain Function

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