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Turkish Tile 10cm x 20cm - Basmala In Dark Blue

Turkish Tile 10cm x 20cm - Basmala In Dark Blue

Handmade Classic Turkish Ceramic Tile

This Classic Tile is with the script of Basmala written with dark blue colour .

The Basmala also known by its incipt Bi-smi-llah -"In the name of God"-, is the Islamic phrase bi-smi llahi r-ahmani r-ahim -"In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful"-. 

The Classic Tile is 10cm x 20cm big without frame and it's to sale with frame or without frame. 

That Turkish Ceramic Tile is to 100 % handmade and  painted with special colours from the best masters in Turkey. 

Product Details

Height: 10 cm - 3.93 inch

Lenght: 20 cm - 7.87 inch

Width: 1 cm - 0.39

Material: Ceramic

Origin: Turkey

Shipping: Istanbul

Shipping company: DHL

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  • Model: 10x20-2F
  • Dimensions: 20.00cm x 1.00cm x 10.00cm
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