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Organic Special Pollen - 100 Gram

Organic Special Pollen - 100 Gram

Organic Special Pollen

  • It is obtained from pure wild flowers and packaged untouched by full automatic machines in full hygienic conditions.
  • Hippocrates, a Greek physician in history, named pollen, one of the oldest known dietary supplements, as the immortal meal of the gods.
  • Pollen grains are male reproductive cells of plants and have all hereditary properties.
  • It is the most important source of protein for bees to survive.
  • It is very rich of minerals and vitamins
  • All the requirements of the Organic Farming Regulation are fulfilled and the production is provided and it brings this value to you.
  • You can consume 1 teaspoon of Organic Pollen pure daily or mix it with honey or milk.
  • You can keep it at room temperature (18-22 ° C) in its own packaging.
  • Bee products can cause allergies in individuals with a high allergic nature.
  • Products containing honey and honey should not be fed to babies under 1 year old.

What is Organic?

  • The products labeled with Organic are made in a certain way.
  • Organic beekeeping is organic production with no dye, nails, agriculture spraying, industry and roads to a certain distance.
  • The "organic" sign denotes different types of production in honey and bee products.

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