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Turkish Flower Honey "Ankara" - 460 Gram

Turkish Flower Honey "Ankara" - 460 Gram

Turkish Honey

  • This Flower Honey is to 100 % natural and it's made  from 1175 m altitude from the Camlidere Region in Ankara, Turkey.
  • The Honey is compiled from from the endemic vegetation in the highlands.
  • The Turkish Honey is FairTrade and Kosher and Halal Certified 
  • This Honey is produced with the Principles of the the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Honey is not suitable for children under the age of one
  • The Product can be crystallize, because it is natural
  • Can be dissolved at 45° C or consumed naturally
  • Please keep at room temperature

Energy and Nutritional Values in 100 gram Honey


304 kcal






82.3 g


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