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Turkish Mosaic Lamp Orange

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Orange

Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp

  • This Mosaic Lamp is a unique product for the decoration of your home.
  • All mosaic pieces of the table lamp are glued by hand onto the raw material piece by piece with a special glass adhesive.
  • The Turkish Lamps are all made in our atelier in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Only high quality products are used in the manufacture of table lamps, which are also constantly checked.
  • Each turkish lamp is special for itself and there is a very large selection of colors and designs that you can choose yourself
  • If you wish, you can also have your own lamp made in the colors you prefer.

Don't worry about shipping the turkish lamps, alle parts of the mosaic lamp are rolled up several times in bubble foil by us and shipped unbreakable. We guarantee that nothing happens to your lamp during shipping and that you can decorate your house with it straight away.

Turkish Lamp Technical Informations

  • The turkish lamp works with 110 V - 120 V
  • In-line on/off electric switch
  • Use LED lightbulbs or 15 Watt lightbulbs

Product Details

- Height 30 cm / 11.80 inch

- Glass Globe Width 14 cm / 5.50 inch

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